Back when Araina used to play below the trees, which was surprisingly not long ago, considering she was in her late teens, the leaves were full, useful, and honored as always. While they are still honored, they are not at all full and not nearly as useful. For they are now withered and dying, and seem sick as Araina's great-aunt Kerikan.

A Moonserpent Tale is a soon-to-be self-published novel by Rosemarie Montefusco.

It tells the story of Araina of the Moonserpents. The young witch, is not quite sure why plants are decomposing before they have died, nor is she able to understand why her great-aunt and only teacher has fallen suddenly and fatally ill as a result. Left with little else than a spell book and a direction to travel, Araina soon finds herself as one of few hopes for a strangely unbalanced and dying natural world. Despite her shortcomings as a witch, Araina is trusted to restore nature by its individual elements and help to resolve a surging war. With fragile confidence and just a few ancient secrets, Araina relies on her strength, the skills of a wounded soldier and the company of a shifty pigeon-riding elf to save the natural world she loves.