The Story


Kerikan of the Moonserpents should not be dying. The plants that grow just beyond her ocean cottage should not be dying either, but much of the green world is in a premature state of decay. The strange behavior of the animals and the withered healing herbs only darken the truths of a rising war, fought for the fading land. It would seem that decomposition itself has come to life, which has only made matters worse for Araina.

The well cultured, though underachieving young Crest witch works tirelessly to heal her great-aunt but to no avail. For a sudden and strange inheritance, Araina is charged with delivering a spell book. Though hardly aware of its importance, Araina summons all her courage and makes her way to a tower where an old friend of Kerikan's resides. Along the way, she meets Den, an elf with a penchant for drinking and accumulating gambling debts, as well as his primary mode of transportation and closest friend, Pidgie, the rock pigeon. The two serve as her guides through strange and shifting landscapes.

As Araina and her new company make the delivery, the young witch becomes better acquainted with the spell book's purpose and its recipient, Tanzan and the community of Crest folk he heads. Araina is taught what's causing the disturbance in nature and the significance of her delivery. During her visit, she doesn't especially impress the prestigious Crest community with her lacking competence as a witch, but Araina's obedience and determination certainly gain some notice. They inspire a new task: restore and seal nature's individual elements, piece by piece to end the decay and permanently preserve the balance so cherished by her culture.

The proposition leaves Araina to weigh the doubt and fear within her against the love for all that once surrounded her.

Contributing his ability to the cause and fulfilling his own unfinished mission, a young mercenary named Sol helps Araina understand the realities of a war torn world. Through his skill and trust, Araina leans how determination, passion and endurance will become the greatest powers she'll possess… though a pair of dragon's wings certainly come in handy as well.


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